CRUX: The Book

Advance Praise for CRUX

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CRUX is on sale July 17, 2018 with One World (Random House). Pre-order now:


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Crux is everything I want in a memoir: prose that dazzles and cuts, insights hard-won and achingly named, and a plot that kept me up at night, breathlessly turning pages. Jean Guerrero has a poet’s lyrical sense, a journalist’s dogged devotion to truth, and a fast and far-reaching mind. This is a book preoccupied with chasing—that is one of its harrowing pleasures—but, like all great memoirs, it is ultimately a story about the great trouble and relief of being found.”

Melissa Febos, author of Whip Smart Abandon Me

“Jean Guerrero has done excellent reporting from the US/Mexico borderlands. Now she examines the more mysterious borders of family history and that unknown region of the heart. You will be moved by CRUX – this book is powerful and true.”

Luis Alberto Urrea, author of The Devil’s Highway

“From the very beginning, Jean Guerrero’s CRUX draws the reader in—Guerrero’s language is as poetic as the story is engrossing. The characters, though, shine brightest. Guerrero draws from record, history, myth, and rumor to create compelling portraits of a family navigating multiple borders as well as the complexities of love and life within them.”

–Adriana E Ramírez, author of Dead Boys

“Crux is a triumphant memoir driven by the search for home and a father’s elusive love. The twists and unexpected turns across borders are enchanting.”

Alfredo Corchado, author of Midnight in Mexico

“A passionate and riveting memoir that stretches the notion of “crossing borders”  … By honoring the profound complexities of the human spirit and psyche, Jean Guerrero’s manuscript ‘Crux’ shows us how any discussion of crossing borders might be enriched by expanding beyond the concepts of nation and culture.”

PEN/FUSION Emerging Writers prize judges

“In this beautiful memoir, Jean Guerrero crosses the familial borders that have both captivated and terrified her since childhood. Using her investigative and writerly skills to confront her father, his past, and the magic and mystery in their legacy, Crux is intimate, powerful, and a testament to the lengths we’ll go for our families.”
–Leah Carroll, author of Down City